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Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by stefan.mizzi, Jul 8, 2016.

  1. A. Gamberini

    A. Gamberini New Member

    Yes, there I m admin of assetto corsa section and managing some "real" events and fair meeting with my friends
    Always interested in jump into new clever projects :smiley:
  2. stefan.mizzi

    stefan.mizzi Administrator Staff Member

    Awesome! I raced with you guys a couple of times....nice, professional people :smiley: Hopefully the tools @tobi and I are building will be useful for you, especially the league management system and server automation :wink:
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  3. NavyFlipperHUN

    NavyFlipperHUN New Member

    Hi Stefan!

    I just ran few session tonight on Your servers...I have to tell that unbeliavible what You made! Thank You for Your hard job!

    Awsome System. I hope many racer will join to this great system in the future and here will be many great races!

    Best regards

    Balazs from Finland
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  4. NavyFlipperHUN

    NavyFlipperHUN New Member

  5. stefan.mizzi

    stefan.mizzi Administrator Staff Member

    I'll have a look at it this weekend :smiley: Quite busy though so maybe we'll leave it till we're ready with the next update :(

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  6. NavyFlipperHUN

    NavyFlipperHUN New Member

    Don't be sad! Update is always a great news! Thanks for Your hard work on this app!
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  7. Thanks for accepting me in your races and groups.
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  8. NavyFlipperHUN

    NavyFlipperHUN New Member

    1000 registered members!!!!!!!
    Congratulation Mizzi and Tobi!
    I cant wait back my wheel....Lets rock the track! :D
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  9. Svempa

    Svempa New Member

    Hello, I am receiving several updates for justrace.net Taskbar app but I cant see the download tab. Can anyone help me in this please
  10. J-turn

    J-turn Administrator Staff Member

    Hi @Svempa

    You can manually download the installer from here:

    1. Stop the client (right click the red helmet by the clock in your task tray and select exit)
    2. Download and install from that link above
    3. Reboot to be sure it is all working

    We are about to release an update tomorrow for the client.

    The popup to download an update should just appear a few minutes after the app has started (if an update is available). it normally comes up on your main screen (if you have more than one screen).
  11. Svempa

    Svempa New Member

    Hello JTurn,
    I must be stupid because first I can´t see any red helmet and as my english is not so good I dont understand "in your task tray".
    I can understand that there is something open because I receive the answer that there is an instance of the application is already running when I try to install the download. Shall I log-out from justrace?
  12. J-turn

    J-turn Administrator Staff Member

    No problem.

    So this is the icon and task tray:
    I have mine set to always show but yours will be hidden where you see my steam icon etc.
  13. giors

    giors New Member

    Hello everyone sorry but I don't really know where to start, I would need a tutorial on how to play online on this platform. I'd like to understand something. Can anyone give me some information? Thanks to all Giors
  14. J-turn

    J-turn Administrator Staff Member

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