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Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by stefan.mizzi, Jul 8, 2016.

  1. A. Gamberini

    A. Gamberini New Member

    Yes, there I m admin of assetto corsa section and managing some "real" events and fair meeting with my friends
    Always interested in jump into new clever projects :smiley:
  2. stefan.mizzi

    stefan.mizzi Administrator Staff Member

    Awesome! I raced with you guys a couple of times....nice, professional people :smiley: Hopefully the tools @tobi and I are building will be useful for you, especially the league management system and server automation :wink:
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  3. NavyFlipperHUN

    NavyFlipperHUN New Member

    Hi Stefan!

    I just ran few session tonight on Your servers...I have to tell that unbeliavible what You made! Thank You for Your hard job!

    Awsome System. I hope many racer will join to this great system in the future and here will be many great races!

    Best regards

    Balazs from Finland
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  4. NavyFlipperHUN

    NavyFlipperHUN New Member

  5. stefan.mizzi

    stefan.mizzi Administrator Staff Member

    I'll have a look at it this weekend :smiley: Quite busy though so maybe we'll leave it till we're ready with the next update :(

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  6. NavyFlipperHUN

    NavyFlipperHUN New Member

    Don't be sad! Update is always a great news! Thanks for Your hard work on this app!
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  7. Thanks for accepting me in your races and groups.
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  8. NavyFlipperHUN

    NavyFlipperHUN New Member

    1000 registered members!!!!!!!
    Congratulation Mizzi and Tobi!
    I cant wait back my wheel....Lets rock the track! :D
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