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Support Forum Rules

Discussion in 'JR Rules' started by DaVeX, Aug 23, 2018.

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  1. DaVeX

    DaVeX Administrator Staff Member

    Hello everyone.

    As your community managers, we are responsible to keep things organized and to help with issues that are under our knowledge, pointing situations to our dev team whenever is necessary.

    So to keep this support forum in good shape, please observe the following rules:
    1. Make sure to always look for an existing thread on a given topic that may be of your concern. Hit the "search..." on the upper right corner of this screen (above your profile pic). It may fast-track you to a possible answer to your support enquiry.

    2. Avoid creating threads about feedbacks or bugs on general forum. The only allowed to post on support forum are Admins and Moderators.

    3. If you need a more specific & immediate attention for a given issue please join us on Discord, if you don't feel comfortable discussing it on Discord public channels, please contact us via private messages.

    4. We´re a small team, so please try be patient; though we try to check out & keep up with every topic in this support forum, the guides, tutorials and rules may change at short notice, and all attempts to inform members and visitors about the changes will be made.

    Thank you and enjoy your stay!
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