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Scheduling an Event on JustRace

Discussion in 'Community Support' started by J-turn, Oct 13, 2020.

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  1. J-turn

    J-turn Administrator Staff Member

    Our guides and information has moved to a Wiki.

    The information below is out of date.

    Please use the Wiki.
    Who is this for?
    Anyone who has installed or has access to a JustRace controlled server and is staff of a community.

    Difficulty / Time
    Quick and easy. All done on the JustRace Portal.

    Scheduling an Event on JustRace

    1. On the JustRace Portal visit Admin --> Schedule Events
    2. If you have access to more than one JustRace controlled server select it at the top
    3. Choose the game you wish to schedule an event for.
    4. Depending on the game chosen the options will change. The server MUST have that game dedi server installed and configured. We highly recommend setting up a standard template and saving it for future use. This saves a lot of time and reduces human error when creating a server.
    5. Click on the label for any option to receive help on that option.
    6. Once configured click "Schedule Server" button. The button is disabled if any options are invalid.
    7. IMPORTANT: Servers should be scheduled a few minutes into the future to allow JustRace time to inform the server that a schedule is going to be started.
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