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Safety Ratings Explained

Discussion in 'Users Guides & How To's' started by J-turn, Mar 12, 2020.

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  1. J-turn

    J-turn Administrator Staff Member

    Who is this for?
    Anyone who wants to know how the Safety Rating works and how to improve their rating.

    What is the Safety Rating?
    The Safety Rating is an indicator of how safe you are on track. In it's simplest form you can think of it as a ratio of impacts (contacts with cars, track objects, walls, etc) to laps turned. The more laps you turn and the fewer impacts you have the better your safety rating.

    What is the Safety Rating Used For?
    The main aim of the safety rating is to encourage good clean racing. By publishing drivers safety score we hope drivers will work towards improving it and which makes for better racing and drivers being able to trust their opponents in overtakes etc.

    The Safety Rating can also be used to prevent racers from being able to register for events. Server administrators can select a minimum safety rating that racers must have to be able to register and therefore race. All server administrators are encouraged to run some events that have no safety restriction so that everyone has the opportunity to improve their safety even if they can not register for other events that are restricted.

    How is the Safety Rating Calculated?
    Many factors are taken into account when calculating safety rating. Each game has it's own rating (Automobilista, RaceRoom, etc) and they are balanced although not identical to each other. Each game reports different information in the log files which effects what we can use in the calculation.

    Here are some of the factors we take into account (where available in log files) when calculating your safety score:
    • Session (Practice, Qualifying and Race) - Impacts in practice have the least affect and impacts in race have the most affect
    • Force / speed of impact - The harder the impact the more points you are given lowering your safety score
    • Type of impact e.g. car to car, car to wall, car to debris (wing, wheel, etc), etc. Car to car gives you the most points for example as it has the highest risk.
    • Time of impact - Where possible we attempt to ignore impacts after a race is over as drivers often celebrate (doughnuts, ramming walls / other cars, etc)
      • Automobilista - Impacts after race ends are ignored (not 100% reliable)
      • RaceRoom - Drivers do not have control after a race is over so there is no issue in this game
      • Assetto Corsa - AC Log files do not provide the info needed to know when impacts occurred and you do remain in control of the car after the race. Impacts after the race WILL affect your safety rating. We recommend pressing escape to exit quickly after crossing the line.
      • RFactor2 - Impacts after race ends are ignored (not 100% reliable)
    The safety rating is an average score so if you've recently started using JustRace your score is more volatile. To help newcomers to the JustRace system and to encourage them to race we do the following:
    • A boost in safety is applied for your first 500 laps in each game. This scales and fades over the 500 laps.
    • Server admins can add a "Safety Override" setting. This allows drivers with less than X laps to register for events even if their safety score is not high enough.
    All recorded laps and impacts are used regardless of whether they are from 2 years ago or yesterday but we prioritise the last 90 days of data. This allows your safety score to reflect your recent standard of driving. If you take a break from racing and then return we factor this in and make your historic data have more effect.
    For example:
    • Raced regularly a couple of time each week
      • Data in the last 90 days has a much bigger affect than older data
    • Raced regularly in the past but then recently (past 90 days) only raced a couple of events
      • Data in the last 90 days is still prioritised but historic data has an increased effect
    • Raced regularly in the past but then not raced at all in the last 90 days
      • Historic data has a much bigger effect. As you start to race again that effect will decrease as the recent (within 90 days) data builds up again
    How do I Improve my Safety Rating?
    The obvious answer is to race cleanly and avoid contacts on track.
    • Impacts in practice sessions are scaled downwards (we assume that you are learning car and track combos so allow for drivers making mistakes). Try to turn clean laps in practice and go easy until you are used to the car / track. This will help you to increase your safety score.
      RaceRoom does not log lap data for practice sessions so practice sessions have no impact on RaceRoom Safety Scores. - Sector 3 have been contacted and they are looking into adding logging of practice session laps / impacts.
    • Race cleanly. Contacts in race sessions have the greatest chance of affecting yourself and others. We therefore scale race impacts upwards to reflect this risk. Avoid risky overtakes, dive bombs etc. In the early laps of a race take it easy, don't try to win the race in turn 1 or lap 1. We all want good racing so bide your time if following another driver and save riskier moves for the latter stages of a race when people are expecting you to make last ditched attempts and can allow for that.
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