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Known Problems / Solutions - Updated 24th October 2019

Discussion in 'JR Client & Tools' started by J-turn, Oct 24, 2019.

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  1. J-turn

    J-turn Administrator Staff Member

    Our guides and information has moved to a Wiki.

    The information below is out of date.

    Please use the Wiki.
    List of the known problems and solutions where we have them

    General / All Game Problems
    None at moment

    RaceRoom Specific Issues
    Issue 1: Steam Launch Options Not Applied / Invalid Steam Launch Options / Automatic Join of Server Fails
    If you have any launch options for RaceRoom specified in steam (image1) then these need to be replicated to the JustRace portal if you DON'T want to use the JustRace Client. If they are not then they will not be applied and it is likely that after trying to join a server from the JustRace portal you end up just sat on the main JustRace menu and you are not automatically joined to the server.

    Solution 1
    Install the JustRace Client which automates the process of setting launch options and copies them from your steam settings. As long as all specified settings are valid this will fix the issue.

    Solution 2

    Make sure to enable the "Use Steam Launch parameters automatically detected by this tool" in the JustRace Client (image 1)
    Image 1: JustRace Client Settings

    Solution 3
    Make sure all launch options specified in steam are valid. You can check this by removing them and trying to join a server from the portal. If it works then there is a problem with the settings or you have not copied them to your JustRace profile correctly. See solution 4

    Solution 4
    Copy the launch settings from Steam Launch Options (image 1) to your JustRace profile (image 2)

    Image 1: Steam Launch Options for RaceRoom

    Image 2: Configuring RaceRoom Launch Options i

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