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JustRace Guidelines/General Rules

Discussion in 'JR Rules' started by DaVeX, Dec 21, 2020.

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  1. DaVeX

    DaVeX Administrator Staff Member


    This group has been created just for fun and entertainment purposes, each member/player who undermines these purposes will be sanctioned properly.
    This is a “generic” set of rules for all the group platforms like Discord, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and JR portal.


    1) Contents that could offend or denigrate one or more users on the forum are absolutely forbidden. Admins/Moderators have the exclusive task to fix when those limits are exceeded and act consequently.
    2) Members must not insult / slander / offend other members.
    3) It isn’t accepted the use of any kind of cheat / hack / script, or any tweak able to change the natural dynamics of the game, giving a clear advantage towards other members.
    4) Members must always keep a “polite” written and spoken language.
    5) Members that upset group’s attitude or break any rule will be considered unwelcome and, after 2 written notices, will be kicked/banned.
    6) Whenever a user gets banned from the group, he can’t register again with another nickname: the ban is applied to people not to nicks.


    At JR we are a friendly open community and our primary race principle is that you should race like gentlemen (or ladies)!

    To help you apply our primary principles you can view guidelines and further details here.

    These are general rules that govern all aspects of the JR races. For more specific rules, please refer to the group administrators/moderators via Discord or other media.
    These rules may change at short notice, and all attempts to inform members and visitors about the changes will be made.

    Race like Gentlemen!
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