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Justrace Client Tool

Discussion in 'Software & Tools' started by stefan.mizzi, Jul 24, 2016.

  1. stefan.mizzi

    stefan.mizzi Administrator Staff Member

    We build this tool so that you can share setups and also record telemetry to be viewed on your dashboard
    • Record and upload your race telemetry, results and statistics for any session (not only Justrace servers)
    • Share setups
    • Chat
    Download: https://downloads.justrace.net/justraceclienttool/publish.htm


    Data generated by this tool:




    Attached Files:

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  2. NavyFlipperHUN

    NavyFlipperHUN New Member


    How can be my ranking updated?
    Tha client app is runing, I ran a session on justrace server...but my rankin is same as before.
    Thanks the answer in advance!
  3. stefan.mizzi

    stefan.mizzi Administrator Staff Member

    Hi mate!

    We have been doing some maintenance to the rating generation process and thus it has not run for a couple of days..But, nothing is lost of course as the ratings grabs all saves results :wink:

    Your rating data should be there as seen below, can you please also check? Thanks!!! :smiley:

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  4. stefan.mizzi

    stefan.mizzi Administrator Staff Member

    Ah, and regarding the Client Tool...the ratings are based on the Server Files and not the Client Tool results. The client tool is for people to chat, share setups and also generate the telemetry data for the whole session which is then uploaded after the race.

    Unfortunately, we did not get any support from people for this system and thus we had to switch off the telemetry upload to the server as the server has no more hard disk space and for now we cannot afford to pay extra money.

    Thanks again for your feedback :wink:
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  5. AllanA15

    AllanA15 New Member

    I couldn't install Client tools till I install net framework 4.5.2. if anybody is having the problem installing check your version of framework.
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  6. stefan.mizzi

    stefan.mizzi Administrator Staff Member

    Hi Guys,

    Also wanted to let you know that the client tool needs to be updated for the latest Raceroom Experience Shared memory changes so it wont work for raceroom until then.

  7. fr13del

    fr13del New Member

    Thanks for this!

    Its not working on windows 10. Cant install the 4.5.2.
    Last edited: Jan 30, 2017
  8. stefan.mizzi

    stefan.mizzi Administrator Staff Member

  9. DirtyEwok

    DirtyEwok New Member

    Screenshot (84).png Cant access races, asking me to set game path on client tool. how do i do this, please?
  10. Serlux

    Serlux New Member

    I have a question..........
    How can I launch the Simcommander 4 application when I click on Join Server?
    Here is his position :
    C:\Program Files (x86)\SimXperience\Sim Commander 4\Commander4.exe
    It is a telemetry tools for ButtKickers taht i have and I use it with AMS, AMS2, Assetto Corsa and rFactor2.
    I need to launch it before game exe.
    Thank you
  11. J-turn

    J-turn Administrator Staff Member

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