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Installing and Configuring rFactor2 Dedi for JustRace

Discussion in 'Community Support' started by J-turn, Oct 13, 2020.

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  1. J-turn

    J-turn Administrator Staff Member

    Who is this for?
    Anyone wanting to use rFactor2 with the JustRace system

    Difficulty / Time
    rFactor2 dedicated server is complicated and hard to work with. Once configured JustRace makes it easy but you will have to invest in getting it working.

    Installing and Configuring rFactor2 Dedi for JustRace
    If you already have rFactor2 dedicated server installed you should leave that as it is and install a new one. This means you can carry on using your old installation until you are ready to switch to JustRace.

    Note: You may have created some of the folder structure below already if you have installed any other dedicated servers for JustRace.

    Warning: rFactor2 is one of the more complicated dedicated servers to get working.
    1. Download this zip file and extract it to a location on the server that you wish to install rFactor2 Dedi
    2. We will be using steam command line client to automate the install of rFactor2 Dedicated server.
    3. Go into the "Dedicated Servers\rFactor2\Workshop" folder and open the included files in a text editor. Notepad++ is a fantastic free editor. Much better than windows notepad.
    4. Edit each of the files to include your steam username and password in the first line. This is needed to download content from the Steam Workshop (free content and DLC)
    5. Run the "rFactor2 Update.bat" file
    6. If everything goes ok you should see the following:
    7. Press space and two items of free content from the workshop should be downloaded
      • Adria international raceway
      • Brabham BT44B
    8. Navigate to "Dedicated Servers\rFactor2\dediserver\Bin32\". Right click "ModMgr.exe" and select "Create Shortcut"
    9. Edit the shortcut to remove "Bin32" from the "Start In" path.
    10. Double click the shortcut and install the Adria track and BT44 car.
    11. Goto the JustRace Server Manager Settings tab and specify the installation path for the rFactor2 Dedicated Server and then click "Refresh Cars and Tracks"
    12. Adjust the ports that you want the JustRace rFactor2 dedi to use. These should NOT be the same as any existing rFactor2 dedi servers you have installed.
      1. In JustRace Server Manager open the Game Port Settings
      2. Find the "AvailableServerSlots" section and adjust "rFactor2" value as required. This limits the maximum number of servers you can run at the same time.
      3. Find the "rFactor2ServerPorts" section and configure up a set of ports for each server specified in item 2 above.
      4. Make sure the ports you specify are allowed through your firewall.
        Generic guide for Windows 10
        Google is your friend
    13. Make sure that your community has enabled rFactor2 as one of the games you run:
      JustRace Portal --> Admin --> My Communities --> Edit the community --> Adjust "Games Your Community Users"
    14. If you need to unlock paid content on your server then:
      1. Schedule an event using Adria and the Brabham for your server to start in 5 mins time. Follow this guide if your not sure how
      2. Once the server has started delete the event from the portal
      3. Follow this guide on the Studio 397 forums to unlock DLC.
    Installing additional workshop items or packages
    1. If you wish to install other items from the workshop then edit the files in the "Workshop" folder and remove "//" from the start of any item wish to install. You can also add your own items. The files do not include every workshop item.
    2. One edited and saved run the update batch file again
    3. Install the content with ModMgr as per part 10 above
    4. Click "Refresh Cars and Tracks" in JustRace Server Manager - this can take some time to complete depending on how much content you have.
    Installing workshop updates
    1. If updates have been released then run the "Update" batch file again
    2. Any updates for workshop content will be downloaded
    3. Install the updates using ModMgr as per part 10 above except use "update" instead of install.
    4. Click "Refresh Cars and Tracks" in JustRace Server Manager - this can take some time to complete depending on how much content you have.

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