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Installing and Configuring Automobilista Dedi for JustRace

Discussion in 'Community Support' started by J-turn, Oct 13, 2020.

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  1. J-turn

    J-turn Administrator Staff Member

    Our guides and information has moved to a Wiki.

    The information below is out of date.

    Please use the Wiki.
    Who is this for?
    Anyone wanting to use Automobilista with the JustRace system

    Difficulty / Time
    Automobilista dedicated server is easy to download and configure. The main limiting factor is how long it takes to download the install from steam.

    Installing and Configuring Automobilista Dedi for JustRace
    If you already have Automobilista dedicated server installed you should leave that as it is and install a new one. This means you can carry on using your old installation into you are ready to switch to JustRace.

    Note: You may have created some of the folder structure below already if you have installed any other dedicated servers for JustRace.
    1. Download this zip file and extract it to a location on your server that you wish to install Automobilista Dedi
    2. We will be using steam command line client to automate the install of Automobilista Dedicated server.
    3. Run the "Automobilista Update.bat" file.
    4. If everything goes ok you should see the following:
    5. Adjust the ports that you want the JustRace Automobilista dedi to use. These should NOT be the same as any existing Automobilista dedi servers you have installed.
      1. In JustRace Server Manager open the Game Port Settings
      2. Find the "AvailableServerSlots" section and adjust "AutomobilistaRacingExperience" value as required. This limits the maximum number of servers you can run at the same time. You can NOT exceed 5 for Automobilista.
      3. Find the "ReizaServerPorts" section and configure up a set of ports for each server specified in item 2 above.
      4. Make sure that the Automobilista dedi is allowed through your firewall
        Generic guide for Windows 10
        Google is your friend
    6. Goto the JustRace Server Manager Settings tab and specify the installation path for the Automobilista Dedicated Server then click "Refresh Cars and Tracks"
    7. Make sure that your community has enabled Automobilista as one of the games you run:
      JustRace Portal --> Admin --> My Communities --> Edit the community --> Adjust "Games Your Community Users"
    If at any time you need to update or validate the dedicated server simply run the relevant batch file again.

    Additional / Advanced Information
    Changing dedi server settings not available on the JustRace portal

    JustRace clones the following profile when creating a server:
    Dedicated Servers\Automobilista\dediserver\UserData\JustraceServer

    Edit the JustraceServer.PLR file and the multiplayer.ini file in this folder and the settings (providing an option is not provided on the portal for them) will be used for ALL Automboilista servers started by JustRace Server Manager.

    AMS Dedicated.exe missing msvcr120.dll
    If you get this error when running the AMS dedicated server install the Microsoft Visual Studio C++ Redistributable (x86 version)

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    Last edited: Apr 13, 2022
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