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fallo servidores

Discussion in 'Feedback & Support' started by chatillo1412, Jul 21, 2020.

  1. chatillo1412

    chatillo1412 New Member

    hola perdon por mi ignorancia pero no puedo participar en ninguna carrera ya que despues de registrarme en la que quiero participar al darle a unirme a la sesion me dice que no encuentra los servidores tanto para assetto como para rfactor.

    si alguien me puede decir que debo hacer.

    un saludo
  2. J-turn

    J-turn Administrator Staff Member

    I had to use google translate but I think you are having difficulty getting the content for the RF2 events.

    You must click the following link on each event which will tell you where to download the content from. The content at the moment is all on the steam workshop so just subscribe to it:

    This will show you something like this:

    Subscribe to the content on steam:

    To make sure the content is installed correctly BEFORE joining the event you should start the RFactor 2 Launcher. On start the launcher installs any subscribed content that is not installed already.

    Then when the event starts just join the server.

    Hope that helps.

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