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Assetto Corsa - Match Maker & Create Servers Theme

Discussion in 'Software & Tools' started by stefan.mizzi, Sep 16, 2016.

  1. stefan.mizzi

    stefan.mizzi Administrator Staff Member


    Just wanted to give you a heads up of the app we are working on at www.justrace.net Once you install this Assetto Corsa theme, you will be able to:

    1. Create your own server! Just click on the game-pad icon, choose the cars and track, the time and you will have your server running! For now, it will be created with some default options, but we will open more options in the near future including password protection etc

    2. See what sessions are running in the list and subscribe to one by clicking on the steering wheel icon

    3. See who has subscribed by clicking on the helmet icon

    4. Join any server by clicking on the last red icon on the right

    5. You can of course join any server that has this icon, even if created by others

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  2. stefan.mizzi

    stefan.mizzi Administrator Staff Member

    Hi guys

    We have just released the BETA for this theme. Please find the download link below and a video from me explaining how it works

    Download: https://downloads.justrace.net/files/ac/plugins/justrace_ac_plugin.zip

    There are still some little issues I need to fix, but please give it a test and let me know if you find issues! Note that it is very important that when you register on https://www.justrace.net/ , you login and set your profile settings and save!

    Hope you will enjoy it!

    Last edited: Sep 20, 2016
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  3. stefan.mizzi

    stefan.mizzi Administrator Staff Member

    Hi, please note that we have some updates.

    1. Possible fix for theme/create session window not fitting in the in-game menu

    2. Added possibility for user to choose the session times for practice, qualify and race. Maximum session is set to 1hr

    3. Added possibility for user to choose session start time. User can now start session in 5 minutes!

    4. System now checks for number of pit boxes dynamically and thus it allows maximum cars according to track pitbox info

    5. Bug fix when user tries to join server and session was not found and thus user not possible to join session.





    Last edited: Dec 15, 2016
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  4. stefan.mizzi

    stefan.mizzi Administrator Staff Member

    Hi, we will be adding these options very soon to the server/session creation screen:

    1. Server Display Name //custom server name

    2. Sun Angle //Time if day

    3. Damage Multiplayer //Damage from 0 (no damage) to 100 (full damage)

    4. Ambient Temperature //temperature of the Ambient

    5. Ambient Variation //variation of the ambient's temperature. In this example final ambient's temperature can be 16 or 20

    6. Road Temperature //Relative road temperature: this value will be added to the final ambient temp. In this example the road temperature will be between 22 (16 + 6) and 26 (20 + 6). It can be negative.

    7. Road Variation //variation of the road's temperature. Like the ambient one.

    8. Allowed Tires Out //penalties

    9. Tyre Blankets Allowed //at the start of the session or after the pitstop the tyre will have the the optimal temperature

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  5. pec0peco

    pec0peco New Member

    hye.. is your server got a problem? yesterday i try to create asession with my friend.. i can join the game but they cant.. it is like they have been kicked out from server
  6. stefan.mizzi

    stefan.mizzi Administrator Staff Member

    Hi mate, it's either that they have old content/version of mod which is not updated to the latest or our server does not have the latest version. But if you managed to connect, then one of you have different version.

    I'll make sure our content is latest too.

  7. stefan.mizzi

    stefan.mizzi Administrator Staff Member

    Assetto Corsa server content has been updated to latest.

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  8. Luis Mercury

    Luis Mercury Member

    Help me stefan,

    Choosing a skin doesn't work for me.

    What could be the problem?

  9. stefan.mizzi

    stefan.mizzi Administrator Staff Member

    Hi Luis,

    Hmm, we basically pass the skin to the AC server....I will have to check it out for you :smiley:
  10. Luis Mercury

    Luis Mercury Member

    Hi Stefan,

    There is more options in Assetto Corsa (Mandatory Pit, Weather,etc)

    Are there plans to add these and other available options? Only Assetto Corsa

  11. stefan.mizzi

    stefan.mizzi Administrator Staff Member

    Hi Luis,

    Yes! We want to add all options. Are these new options or were there? I'll take a look at the server!
  12. Luis Mercury

    Luis Mercury Member


    were there.
  13. algenovex

    algenovex New Member

    What about the Content Manager?
  14. DaVeX

    DaVeX Administrator Staff Member

    Fully supported, please join our Discord for additional info and get in touch with devs.

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